welcome to the revolution!

“There isn’t more than Christ to discover there is more of Christ to discover”

We are dedicated to building a community of Christ followers who are interested in joining the Great Awakening!

Yes there are abuses happening in the name of “Christian Mysticism”. The word mystic or mysticism isn’t the problem. We need not fear this very Christian word. Jesus used it to describe the Kingdom of God and the Apostle Paul was very fond of using the word. The Greek word mysterion¬†means hidden thing, a secret, an enigma.¬†

It may surprise you to learn that Christ is the secret! There is no deeper or more exciting and intriguing secret in the universe! I will be updating this website with many blogs and videos and bringing in the best content to help you in your journey in discovering the mystery that is Christ.

My name is Daniel Lovett. Full time Christian musician with Reflect Worship and Host of Christ centered podcast Sozo Talk Radio. I am currently writing a book (series) called The Christian Mystic. Subscribe to this website or connect to my facebook group here: 

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